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The Primary Surveilance Radar-PSR is the  ATCR-33K model , has a S-Band transmission and includes :

Antenna G33 with two motors, two encoders and rotary joint 7 channels.
Double Transmitter with Klystron 1.4 MW and pressurization system in the waveguides.
Double Receiver with AMTD processor  and extractor VERA - Alenia.

 The primary RADAR, as a Terminal RADAR , has an operational coverage range 60 NM.

The Monopulse Secondary Surveilance Radar - MSSR is the  SIR-M model and includes :

Antenna ALE-9 LVA which has been installed over the  G33 Antenna.
Double Transmitter solid state (Main- Stby) 250 Kw.
Double Receiver with extractor VERA - Alenia.
Auto Switching.

The Monopulse Secondary Surveilance Radar, as a Terminal RADAR,  has an operational coverage range 200 NM.

Corfu Radar Head The weather channel  (Weather data receiver and processor) includes a separate S-Band receiver  which  processes weather informations, with 6 layers separation capability . This channel includes just one receiver with AMTD processor and extractor VERA- Alenia.

Radar Head Processor (RHP)

One of the most significantly system characteristics is the computer MARA which processes the  informations from the PSR/MSSR receivers, together with the target filtering and combining operation, sends these to Display. Also , it processes the weather channel informations.The RHP consists from two computers MARA in Ηot Master/ Stand-by arrange .

The informations tranfer via Radio Link to the APP Center, the Airport area in which has been installed the processors and console work stations APP, for Air Traffic Controllers using.

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